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Solid Start Act Signed into Law

On October 17, the president signed into law S. 1198, the Solid Start Act (Public Law 117-205), which permanently authorizes and expands the Solid Start program, a VA outreach program for veterans in their first year of separation from the military. The law specifically requires the VA to coordinate with the Department of Defense to prioritize outreach to veterans who have accessed mental health resources prior to separation from the Armed Forces.

Transitioning from the military to civilian life can be stressful and navigating the VA health care and benefits systems can be difficult. The Solid Start program has proven to be effective in assisting those separating from service and providing valuable outreach. In fiscal year 2021, the VA’s Solid Start reached out to over 32,000 veterans who had mental health treatment prior to separation and successfully contacted over 24,000 transitioning service members.

DAV provided testimony and support for this legislation in accordance with 2021-2022 DAV Res. No. 128, which calls on Congress to monitor and improve services for transitioning service members. To view the Solid Start Act (P.L. 117-205), click here.

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