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Philips Device Recall Update July 2022

Dear Veteran,

Your safety is our top priority. This email is to update you on the replacement of Philips Respironics Positive Airway Pressure devices (CPAP or BiPAP) impacted by the recall. If you have already received your replacement device or you do not have a Philips Respironics device, you can ignore this email.

The Recall. Philips Respironics recently recalled some CPAP and BiPAP devices due to breakdown of the foam used to reduce sound and vibration. These are primarily DreamStation and System One devices. Additional information on the recall and affected devices is available from Philips Respironics.

If you have a recalled Philips Respironics device, it must be registered with the company to receive a replacement. To register your recalled device, go to the Philips Respironics website or call 877-907-7508. Philips Respironics will provide a replacement device when one is available as well as a prepaid return label to send them your old device.

Device scams. Be aware that there are people claiming to be from Philips Respironics that are asking patients to ship their device before a replacement is received. Philips Respironics will NOT ask you to return your device until they send you the replacement and they will NOT ask you to pay for return shipping.

Priority for replacement. Philips Respironics is now prioritizing the device replacement based on patient’s health information. If you have not received your replacement and would like to provide your health information, please contact Philips through their U.S. Patient Portal or calling 877-907-7508. This may help you get a replacement device faster. VA is also prioritizing replacements to ensure the sickest patients, or those with evidence of foam breakdown receive a replacement first.

How will you receive the replacement device?

VA and Philips Respironics are working together to provide replacement devices to Veterans. In addition to devices coming from Philips Respironics, some Veterans will receive devices from VA. This coordinated replacement process allows devices to ship faster from multiple locations but is based on availability of devices. If you receive your device directly from Philips Respironics, contact your VA respiratory case manager and provide them with the serial number for your new device. VA can then place an order for your supplies.

This recall has led to a shortage of CPAP and BiPAP machines worldwide from all manufacturers. Current supply chain issues related to microchip production and shipping from international manufacturers is causing additional delays.

Is my device likely to have foam breakdown?

Philips Respironics guidance notes that the likelihood of foam breakdown is higher in older devices, those that are used in high heat and humidity environments (more than 95 degrees), or that were cleaned with an ozone sterilizing device.

If you use a Philips Respironics CPAP or BiPAP device, such as a Dream Station or System 1, continue to use your device as prescribed, register the device and:

  • If you are concerned about using your current device, contact your care team to schedule an appointment. Veterans who receive their care from the VA can send a secure message to their care team through MyHealtheVet.

  • Only clean your device following the manufacturer’s instructions. Use of an ozone sterilization cleaner may be related to foam breakdown.

  • Do not attempt to remove the sound reduction foam. This can’t be done without breaking the machine.

  • If you and your care team decide you can safely pause use of your device until a new one is available, this will not impact any related VA disability compensation benefits.

  • Tips to improve Sleep Apnea are found here.

For more information on the recall, visit the Philips Respironics Recall website or the VA Philips Respironics Recall site for frequently asked questions.

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